Tree & Post Puller

Tree & Post Puller Features

  • Removes trees, posts and brush with ease
  • Pulls roots to prevent re-growth
  • Rugged construction with braced steel jaws
  • Universal skid steer coupler as standard

Looking for a way to quickly and easily pull posts or remove trees? The Tree & Post Puller Grapple from Sidney Attachments is the attachment you’ve been looking for!

Customers who have tried our new Tree & Post Puller have been amazed at the amount of work they can accomplish in a fraction of the time it would have taken with traditional chains or digging. One customer reported pulling a mile of fence post in 45 minutes. Another pulled large thorny locusts with our Tree & Post Puller and his Bobcat 250.

Built with the same rugged construction methods and quality materials you’ve come to expect from Sidney Attachments, the braced, heavy duty steel tines of the Tree & Post Puller clamp on and hold tight while you use your skid steer’s power to quickly and easily pull posts, trees or brush out of the ground.

The jaws of the Tree & Post Puller open to 12″ to handle a variety of material. The standard version is built with a universal skid steer coupler but we can also custom build the Tree & Post Puller with couplers to fit other machinery. Hydraulic hoses are included and an optional guard to hold branches away from the machine operator is available. Total weight is approximately 370 lbs.

Orchard owners, farmers, ranchers, landscapers and anyone who needs to remove unwanted brush or trees by the roots to prevent re-growth needs a Sidney Tree & Post Puller. We think you’ll be pleased with the results you can achieve with this new attachment.

To find a dealer near you, enter your zip code in the dealer locator or call the factory at 913-495-4861.

View or download a pdf version of the Tree & Post Puller Brochure.

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