Tractor Tree Saw

3 Point Tractor Tree Saw

  • Optimized blade cuts up to 24-inch diameter trees and brush
  • Designed for tractors with greater than 30HP
  • 3-Point Category I & II
  • 8 Tooth blade with .44-inch thickness
  • Integrated cab guard assists in cutting trees and protects the cab


  • Faster cuts: SS Tool Steel Saw Mill blade is designed for high-performance cutting
  • Long-lasting teeth: 8 Kodiak Carbide teeth are held in place with rivets


  • Weighs: 540 lbs
  • Blade: 35.5-inch diameter
  • PTO: 540RPM with clutch set at 47HP


View or download a pdf version of the Tractor Tree Saw Brochure.

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