Long Reach Tree Shears

Long Reach Tree Shear

  • 7 ft. extended reach enables you to reach new heights
  • Blade slices instead of cuts, reducing overall wear on the blade
  • Rotating head allows for cuts to be made at any angle
  • Contains the industry’s largest hydraulic cylinder for tree-cutting confidence
  • Made in the USA with high-strength steel

The Long Reach Tree Shear (XLR12UN) weighs approximately 785 lbs. and comes with a 7 ft. extended reach. It’s designed to shear trees up to 12” in diameter with its state-of-the-art blade that slices instead of cuts to reduce overall wear.

The serrated teeth-edge design provides a strong, grapple-like ability that allows for the pick-up and removal of debris. Cutting and clearing with a single attachment is finally possible.

Optional accessories include: brush guard, wireless remote (for jaw rotation), spray kit, “plug & play” kit, 24 V DC Solenoid valve, and a complete selection of couplers.

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