Land Clearing Products

Shear Power, Shear Strength, Shear Speed

Looking for a reliable, rugged tree shear attachment for your skid steer, loader, or tractor? Sidney Attachment’s line of Tree Shears is specifically designed to pair up with your machine. With four versions available, our tree shears are the top choice for professional land managers, farmers, ranchers, and others who need to maintain large acreages and keep them clear of invasive trees and shrubs. Built in the USA from high-tensile steel, you’ll get a lifetime of use thanks to the construction methods and materials that make Sidney the vanguard of hydraulic tree shears.

All Sidney Tree Shears rotate a minimum of 90-degrees with a flick of a switch from the safety and comfort of your machine’s cab. In addition to holding and moving felled trees, the shears are capable of cutting both horizontally and vertically. Our unique single blade design allows for predictability of falling trees. In almost all cases trees fall to the left, a feature owners of a hydraulic tree shear highly value because it makes clearing large stands of volunteer growth quick and easy.

If you’re looking for a rugged skid steer tree saw with a rotating blade, the Sidney Tree Saw is the attachment for you. Made in the USA, our Skid Steer Tree Saw makes quick work of felling trees and chopping them into manageable-sized loads. It’s the perfect tool for clearing your land of invasive brush.

The quality of construction and design make Sidney’s Heavy-Duty Demolition Grapples the ideal multi-purpose skid steer attachment for a variety of tasks. Our patented grapple has the most clamping and crushing power of any skid steer grapple on the market today. Available in three models, all Demolition Grapples are constructed from 1” High Tensile Steel with tips hardened to 400 BHN for increased durability and reduced maintenance. The tines on both the top and bottom jaws share a spar of 1 ¾” by 5” solid steel to eliminate flexing.

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily pull posts and remove trees, the Tree & Post Puller Grapple from Sidney is the attachment you’ve been looking for.

Our customers have been amazed at the amount of work that they’re able to accomplish in a fraction of the time with our Tree & Post Puller. One of them reporting being able to pull a mile of fence posts in just 45 minutes.

Sidney’s Auger Drives are available in 2” HEX, 2.5” HEX, and 2.56” Round diameters. High-torque models are available (600 – 6,000 ft./lbs.) for tougher applications. Our drives are designed for both High-flow and Low-flow applications, ranging from 7 – 40 GPM.

Sidney’s Auger Bits come in multiple sizes (4” – 48” diameter) for various types of applications. Extensions are also available for deeper digging. Our Auger Bits’ flightings are fully-welded for added strength.