Auger Stump Planers

Auger Stump Planer Features

  • Available in 10″ & 14″ diameters
  • Inexpensive alternative for stump removal
  • Saves time and money
  • Ground prep is quick and easy
  • Remove tree stumps with little effort or noise
  • Clean up time is considerably decreased

Auger Stump Planers save time and money by turning ground preparation into a quick and easy process. Remove any size tree stump with little effort or noise all while decreasing cleanup time.

The blades rotate and wood shavings form a neat and tidy pile and pull the planer deeper. Simply reposition on the planer overlapping the first hole and repeat the process to remove the stump. *The 14” stump Planer requires a “High Flow” skid steer or large excavator to run.

Product # Shaft Diameter Length Weight Compatible Drives Replacement Blade
ASP-10-20P-H 2″ Hex 10″ 25″ 55 lbs MD-17-20-20-H-334
ASP-10-20P-R 2.56″ Rnd 10″ 25″ 55 lbs AD-25-30-R-UN
ASP-14-20-H 2″ Hex 14″ 27″ 73 lbs AD-25-30-20-H-UN
ASP-14-25-H 2.5″ Hex 14″ 27″ 73 lbs AD-35-36-25-H-UN

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