Auger Drives

Auger Drive Features

  • Low-flow and High-flow applications
  • 600 – 6,000 ft./lbs. of torque
  • Sealed Planetary Gearbox
  • Custom hitches and mounts available
  • Single-piece shaft assemblies locked into housing
  • Best warranty in the industry

Sidney’s Auger Drives are available in 2” HEX, 2.5” HEX, and 2.56” Round diameters. High-torque models are available (600 – 6,000 ft./lbs.) for tougher applications. Our drives are designed for both High-flow and Low-flow applications, ranging from 7 – 40 GPM.

Our Hydraulic Drive Motors use sealed Planetary Reduction Gearboxes for maintenance-free reliability. Auger Drives can be ordered with custom-built hitches and various mounts available for most applications. Additionally, our drives use single-piece shaft assemblies which are locked into the housing.

Sidney Auger Drives come with an industry-leading lifetime warranty against shaft pull-out, a five-year warranty on the gearbox, and a two-year warranty on the motor.

Download a copy of the Auger Drives and Bits brochure.

Includes: Auger Drive, Hoses, Frame and Cradle
Model Number Shaft Designed for Equipment Accepts Bits
MD-17-20-20-H-334 2″ HEX with up to 17GPM flow from 4″ – 20″
AD-25-30-20-H-UN 2″ HEX with up to 25GPM flow from 4″ – 30″
AD-30-36-20-H-UN 2″ HEX with up to 30GPM flow from 4″ – 36″
AD-35-36-25-H-UN 2.5″ HEX with up to 35GPM flow from 6″ – 36″
AD-40-48-25-H-UN 2.5″ HEX with up to 40GPM flow from 6″ – 48″
AD-25-30-20-R-UN 2.56″ RND with up to 25GPM flow from 4″ – 30″
AD-30-36-20-R-UN 2.56″ RND with up to 30GPM flow from 4″ – 36″

Sidney Quality, Reliability & Availability

  • Competitive Pricing, Fast Delivery and Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Designed to Maximize Productivity and Reduce Maintenance
PART NUMBER Drive Output Size Bit Size
SA-HX-20/RD-20 2.0″ HEX 2.0″ RND
SA-HX-20/RD-26 2.0″ HEX 2.56″ RND
SA-HX-25/HX-20 2.5″ HEX 2.0″ HEX
SA-RD-20/HX-20 2.0″ RND 2.0″ HEX
SA-RD-26/HX-20 2.56″ RND 2.0″ HEX
SA-HX-20/HX-25 2″ Hex 2.5” Hex
SA-RD-20/RD26 2” Rnd 2.56” Rnd

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