Timberline Tree Shears

10" TBL Hydraulic
Tree Shears

  • Cuts a 10" tree in a single pass in seconds
  • Built in USA from 5/8" high tensile steel
  • Light enough to run on a variety of machines
  • 110° Hydraulic Rotation

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Timberline® Tree Shears

Timberline® Tree Shears by Sidney Manufacturing Company are the tree shear of choice for professional land managers, farmers, ranchers, and others who need to manage large acreages and keep them clear from invasive trees and shrubs.

Our tree shears are available in three models - the TBL, HTC and HTC+ to fit different tree control needs. The TBL tree shear model shears trees up to 10" in diameter in a single pass. The HTC tree shear model shears trees up to 14" in diameter in a single pass. The HTC+ is 20% more powerful than the standard HTC and can shear a tree up to 16" in diameter in a single pass.

Timberline® Tree Shears rotate 110° with a flick of a switch from the safety and comfort of your machine's cab to accommodate horizontal and vertical cutting, plus holding and moving of felled trees. Our unique single blade design allows for predictability of falling trees. In almost all cases trees fall to the left, a feature owners of a Timberline® hydraulic tree shear highly value because it makes clearing large stands of volunteer growth quick and easy.

Timberline® Tree Shears have an escape proof lower jaw serration that allows for 100% of your machine's power to be applied to the shear. It also gives the tree shear a grapple like feature, allowing it to clamp onto felled trees to pick them up and remove them from the site.

Timberline® Tree Shears are built tough in the USA from high tensile steel for a lifetime of use. They fit a wide variety of machines, including skid steers, tractors, excavators, and loaders. Construction methods and materials make this the vanguard of hydraulic tree shears.

"We cut trees, not corners."