Gorilla Grapple

10 Tine

  • Built in USA from 1" high tensile steel
  • Jaws open 31.5 inches
  • Available in 44" width, or 74" width to protect tires
  • Most powerful, versatile skid steer grapple available

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Gorilla Grapple

Sidney's patented Gorilla Grapple is the strongest, most versatile skid steer grapple on the market today. Quality in design and materials makes our Gorilla Grapple truly "tougher than the rest".

Built from 1" high tensile steel, the tines are so strong they can lift and break 4" to 6" thick reinforced concrete. Streets, curbs and gutters, not just patios and driveways! The points of the tines are hardened to 400 Bhn to increase their strength.

The tines of the Gorilla Grapple open to 31.5 inches, making it easy to handle a wide variety of material. It can handle any size or shape bale on a farm, tear through thick frost, and yet handle gated aluminum pipe without a dent! To eliminate flexing, the tines pivot on a 2 1/2 inch solid steel shaft.

The 3000 lb. output of your skid steer translates to over 37,000 lbs. of mechanical pressure at the end of the jaws. What you can pick up is only restricted by the counter balance provided by the GVW of your skid steer.

When closed, the tips of the upper tines hang below the lower tines. This allows the Gorilla Grapple to be used to scarify and rip tough ground and roads.

The Gorilla Grapple is built for a lifetime of low maintenance operation. All major pivot points are machined and greaseable. It is available in three styles; the 6 tine narrow, the 10 tine narrow, and the 10 tine wide. Recommended hydraulic pressure require to operate is 2200 PSI or greater. Standard units come with the universal skid steer quick attach coupler. Other couplers are available.

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